Awesome! Detox Tea
Awesome! Detox Tea
Awesome! Detox Tea
Awesome! Detox Tea
Awesome! Detox Tea
Awesome! Detox Tea
Awesome! Detox Tea
Awesome! Detox Tea
Awesome! Detox Tea
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Awesome! Detox Tea

Want to lose weight and detox your body naturally?

The power of 100% naturally selected ingredients full of cleansing herbs and detoxifying properties will make you energised by day and relaxed and ready for sleep by night. This pack contains both a months supply of Awesome! Day Time and Night Time Detox Tea. 30 day detox comprising of total of 60 tea bags. Drink a cup of each per day and feel totally renewed. 

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Day Time Detox...

Want to feel healthy and energized? Our carefully selected blend of Detox Tea has been put together by our team of herbalists using 100% natural ingredients. For your optimum benefit, we’ve selected and blended Green Sencha and Garcinia Cambogia with proven quality natural herbs to give you the best effective detox experience as an ideal compliment to a calorie controlled diet.

Awesome! Detox Tea
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Awesome! Detox Tea

Night Time Detox...

Want a good night Sleep? As part of your effective daily detox routine it is essential that you include a necessary emphasis on a relaxed nights sleep. Our herbalists have created our night time blend that is 100% Senna Free and consisting of the most effective herbs blended with South African Honey Bush to help cleanse your body through the night.

Awesome! Detox Tea - Product Code: #awe001


Day: Green Sencha, Garcinia Cambogia, Yerba Mate, Oriental Lemongrass, Ginseng, Egyptian Hibiscus, Indian dried Ginger, Nettle Leaves.

Night: South African Honey Bush, Rose Hip, Lime Leaves, Mint, Orange Peel, Lindon Flower, Sumec, Sunflower Petals.

General information:

Store in a dry cool place. Packed in a factory that handles nuts. Please thoroughly check full ingredients before consuming this product. Net weight 150gms - 60 Pyramid Tea Bags (30 day & 30 night)

Brewing Instructions: Add one Awesome Detox pyramid bag in to a cup of hot water and leave 3-4 minutes and have an Awesome Detox time.

NOT recommended for PREGNANT or NURSING MOTHERS and anyone under 18 years of age. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Customer Rating - 4.4/5

Thank you Awesome! Detox Tea * * * * * 4.7/5

Rebecca Clarke
"I ordered my Awesome Detox Tea last week, and it arrived very promptly. I was pleasantly surprised at how great tasting it was.
I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and regularly exercise and I wanted a detox tea to compliment this. After just one week, I began to notice the difference, my general mood was lifted and I had a lot more energy, especially towards the end of the day. It defiantly gave me more motivation whilst in the gym as well.
So far, I am very pleased with the effects of drinking Awesome Detox Tea, and the onset on these benefits. I wasn't expecting a result this positive, so quickly. I'm excited to see the long-term benefits already!"

My skin definitely approved * * * * * 4.4/5

Claire Greening
"I have suffered from bad skin for many years and have tried numerous different creams and products. I started to lose faith as nothing seemed to be working. I was quite sceptical about how a detox tea could improve my skin but a friend had highly recommended Awesome Detox Tea so I gave it go.
My Awesome Detox Tea arrived and I used it day and night for about a week. I had noticed some general improvements with my mood and energy levels, which was great, however, as of yet there were no improvements with my skin.
I felt a little disappointed at this point, however, my friend told me to be persistent, so I did! Two weeks on and I began to notice a huge improvement in my skin. The redness in my skin really calmed down and my pimples were less noticeable.
I continued to drink Awesome detox tea as part of my diet, and after two months my skin is completely spot free! I have also received many compliments from others about my skin. Drinking Awesome Detox has really improved my skin, boosted my confidence, along with some great other benefits. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering from acne, it's awesome!
You may not see results overnight, but Awesome Detox tea is a great acne treatment, you just have to be patient!"

Finally a weight loss detox that works * * * * * 5.0/5

Ann Bevans
"I ordered the Awesome! Detox Night Tea, order was delivered in two days, tasted really nice and refreshing - I lost 6ibs in time for a reception!"

Love the teas, I have Coeliac Disease * * * * * 5.0/5

Hannah Rees
"I met Diane at the clinic who told me about Awesome! Detox Tea, she said it had helped her as it was caffeine free and 100% Natural Products and has been hand selected b a specialist herbalist . I was dubious at first as I had tried other brands of tea claiming to help you slim and I ended up on the toilet for most of the time. But I thought I would at least try it, plus it was 30 tea bags and not 14/28- like most other companies.
My pain had eased considerably, my digestion and colon was working properly and I wasn't bloated plus I lost 9 its"

Awesome! Detox Day Tea * * * * * 4.6/5

Shamela Virurj
"So I get up three times a week at 615am to go to the gym, at work I have my first tea to help replenish hydration levels and I love the fact its 100% natural. Certainly helps me feel energised - I'm on mu 30 day detox"

Really helps my acne * * * * * 5.0/5

Rachel Grainger
"The smell is amazing and it actually tastes nice. I took it mainly in the afternoon. Within 4-5 days I felt amazing! I had a lot of energy and my sister said to me I looked good, I did notice I had less belly bloat and by Saturday my acne (on my face) looked like it was starting to clear up.
I carried on taking my Awesome! Detox Tea, my sister ended up buying some too as she saw I was losing weight and was trying to pinch mine. After day 10 my face had noticeably cleared up and I hadn't had a breakout since I started. The tops of my arms where I have my skin patches had nearly disappeared! I was so happy, I was going out more as I felt more confident and had not had a breakout and I felt really good. I also lost 5ibs over the 30 days too."

Helped me with my hot flushes * * * * * 4.5/5

Wendy Granger
"I suffer really badly from night sweats and hot flushes, I read about the menopause article in the magazine and ordered the da and night Awesome! Detox Tea. My night sweats went away after 3 days and I finally have my hot flushes under control thank you Awesome!"

I dropped a dress-size in 30-Days * * * * * 5.0/5

Lucy Cox
"I loved my 30-day weight loss journey. My mood was elevated, I felt like I had more energy and it did enhance my workouts. What I did really like about it is that helped with my sweet cravings. I was more regularly in the toilet department and my belly was actually flat. By the second week, my skin was glowing! Even my friends thought I was using an expensive face cream and it was down to the tea!
You will see from my before and after pictures that I went down a dress size and lost inches on the belly, thighs and hips."

This helped my PCOS symptoms & hormones * * * * * 5.0/5

Kirsten Gladwell
"Within days my stomach was not so bloated, I had more energy and my skin was improving. I was going to the toilet more regularly and knew it was having an effect on my metabolism.
Surprisingly I had a cycle within 28 days which is unusual for me as my periods were always late!.
I didn't suffer from the tiredness or sense of feeling like I could cry at any moment before my period started and I knew it was helping me with my premenstrual symptoms. I still had energy and my spirit was good.

I have to say my skin looked amazing and my boyfriend asked me if I had bought expensive face cream! I really was pleased with how it tasted and how it affected my body and mood.

But the best bit was I lost over half stone! And I had not changed anything. I love my Awesome! Detox Tea and have ordered the Day and Night teas now."

Got rid of my bloated belly 0.0/5

Helen Mulloy
"I did the 30 day detox and noticed a slimmer flatter belly and it really did improve my skin too - thank you Awesome!"

My weight loss journey with Awesome! Detox Tea * * * * * 4.2/5

Lauren Gibbins
"I began my weight loss journey about 6 months ago and I was determined to stick to it this time! I did a lot of research and was continuing to come across information about the benefits of using a detox tea to aid weight loss.
It would appear that detox tea had worked for lots of people, however, there were lots of detox teas available on the market, and I was torn between which one number 1 would it work for me, and number 2 how do I choose a brand?
I ordered my Awesome Detox Tea primarily because it is 100% natural and caffeine free. I wanted a weight loss aid that would help me not only lose weight but help keep it off! Awesome Detox tea has definitely done that!
I began drinking Awesome Detox tea about 2 months into my weight loss journey when my weight appeared to plateau, and my motivation began to dip. After about a week of drinking Awesome Detox tea, I began to notice a difference. I shed 4lbs in the first week and 2lbs the following. I was so pleased! I had so much more energy for exercise and my cravings for sugary foods had disappeared! I'm not sure about the science behind Awesome Detox Tea, but I do know that it works! It really did help me on my weight loss journey. Now 6 months on, I have reached my goal weight, and continued to keep it off.
I now enjoy Awesome Detox Tea as part of my everyday routine, as part of my weight management. I would recommend anyone wanting to lose weight to try Awesome Detox Tea."

Helped my menopausal symptoms * * * * * 4.3/5

Claire Riley
"I read the health benefits of each herb and decided for the sake of 39.95 (which included delivery) I would give it a try.
I opted for the Day Tea and had it with my breakfast.

By day 3 and 4 I was less restless and sleeping better, I definitely noticed I was more energised early on, but by the end of the week, my children and grandchildren had noticed I was more alert and said that I was really happy all the time. By Friday at work (day 5), I was having less hot flushes and had not even turned my desk fan on!

By Day 8 I had lost a few pounds and started to feel looser in my clothes.
Day 14 came and I weighed myself I had lost over half a stone! I hadn't had a night sweat for the last few days and actually felt like I had slept (rather than waking up feeling like I had never gone to bed)
Day 17 came and my skin was so clear. I felt really good! I read online and it said as part of the detox I will be eliminating bad toxins in my digestion and body - this is why I had the 'eurpohoria' feeling of a detox.
Day 26- I had lost 9ibs and was delighted - I was not craving stodgy meals to keep my sugar levels stabilised (sometimes I would reach for a biscuit or something at 3pm to get me through the day).
Day 30 - my last Awesome! Detox Tea - I have not had any hot flushes all week , I've had the occasional night sweat throughout the 30 days but it was a longer gap between each one.

I definitely, unequivocally would not hesitate to recommend Awesome! Detox Tea, as a sceptic in reading about claims to help you conquer symptoms, this tea really does work. I have since ordered the Awesome! Detox Night Tea."

Tasted great! * * * * * 5.0/5

"It tasted great!! Im now look forward to my daily Detox routine."
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